Harry and Geri Harm

Bible Translators · Email: harryjharm@mac.com
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Harry and Geri serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL’s Global Sign Languages Team (GSLT). They recently moved back to the US and are living in Dallas after being overseas for 22 years (10 years in Romania, 7 years in the Philippines and 5 years in the Mediterranean).  Previous to their time overseas, they worked 16 years with the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi on Bible translation.

Harry is a translation consultant who serves sign language Bible translation teams in checking Scripture for accuracy, clarity, naturalness and acceptability in Deaf communities. He also helps teams find funding for programs, serves organizations and Deaf communities as an anthropologist and a Scripture engagement consultant. For the next few years he has been asked to focus on innovation in the midst of a changing world.

Geri is serving as the GSLT Africa Regional Director. She helps Deaf translation teams with planning and budgeting, helps them find funding and consultants, serves a growing staff making sure that they are well supported and relates to partner organizations that work in the many countries of Africa.