Luke Bert

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Luke and Rebekah Bert live in Gatineau, Quebec, with their four children (Matthias, Saranna, Kara, and Etienne). Luke works at SEMBEQ, a French-Speaking seminary based in Montreal. Luke teaches Biblical languages, exegesis, and workshops to help Christians grow in their ability to read the Bible for themselves. Luke also coaches young men as a part of a team designed to train future pastors and church planters. In addition to Luke’s formal ministry, the Berts are part of a core group seeking to plant a church in Gatineau. Like the rest of Quebec, Gatineau has less than one percent evangelical Christian population. The two most significant challenges facing the ministry in Quebec are the atheism of the Quebec government and the cultural divide between English-Speaking and French-Speaking Canadians. Please pray that God raises more workers to send into his harvest (Matthew 9:35-38).