Alex and Irina Ponomarev

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Alex and Irina are from St. Petersburg, Russia where they worked as physicists. When they came to Christ, they became actively involved in organizing Bible studies, discipleship groups, church planting, and many other activities related to spreading the gospel in the former Soviet Union. After completing their M.Div. and M.A. in Missions degrees at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1996, they were called to serve with Russian Language Ministries in Columbia, SC. For five years they were deeply involved in training American missionaries preparing to serve in the countries of the former Soviet Union. They also began a direct outreach to Slavic peoples in Columbia, SC and in the former Soviet Union.

In January of 2002, developing their vision to reach Russian-speakers in America and overseas, they initiated a new ministry – MOST, which is the Russian word for “bridge” and this acronym stands for Ministry of Outreach to Slavic Tribes. Alex and Irina pray that the Lord will use them as human bridges of His love to Slavic peoples in Columbia, SC, and overseas, mainly in Ukraine.

Alex and Irina have two daughters, Marina and Mila.